GEKKO Solar Farm

Cleaning capacity:
2’000sqm/hr or 2’000’000sqm/p.a.

  • Designed to clean Utility scale solar parks
  • Adjustable to different panel row width and up to 30 degree inclination
  • Gaps and obstacles up to 60cm can be handled by Gekko SolarFarm
  • The robot can easily relocated, ideal for users with multiple installations
  • Efficient cleaning operation with one operator
  • Rotating brushes with a constant pressure ensure a optimal cleaning result
  • Controlled by a joystick based wireless remote control
  • Support vehicle for power, pressurized air and water is required and to relocate the robot between the panel rows

Utility Farm Cleaning

Relocate Gekko SolarFarm

Cleaning Process in Progress

Gekko SolarFarm in Operation