Swiss Eco Line

Swiss Eco Tap

Swiss Eco Line has been awarded with multiple industry awards. The highly environmentally friendly Swiss Eco Tap is reducing the water consumption by a proven 90%. During the washing procedure the specially designed water-jet produces an delightful sense of cleanliness on the skin.

Five convincing reasons why to chose Swiss Eco Tap

  • Reduction of the water consumption by up to 90%
  • 100% energy saving on the water heating (only cold water is used)
  • Delightful sense during the washing procedure due to a particular spray technology
  • Easy and simple cleaning
  • Robust and durable Swiss design


The Swiss Eco Line URIMAT urinals are the next generation of water-less urinals. Manufactured from durable high-tech plastic, its extremely solid and break-resistant. The complete absence of a flushing rim and sharp edges on the glass-like ceramic URIMAT urinals actively avoid any build-up of grimy deposits, smell and residues.

The integrated and unique hi-res screen allows displaying ambient video advertisements, to make you urinals even a source of revenue.