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NGT is one of the oldest trading companies of Dubai and is focusing the supply of high quality products to the countries of the Middle East Region.  

Swiss Eco Line

Sanitizing Solutions

Robot Cleaning

NGT has agreed the Agency of NUEVO Sanitizing Products for the Middle East, Sri Lanka and the Indian Subcontinent. 

NUEVO is a proven Non-Hazardous / Alcohol-free / Animal Product Free / Environment-Friendly Sanitizer, providing a rapid kill of a wide range of microbes, including bacteria, bacterial endospores, viruses, and fungi (moulds and yeasts). NUEVO is very effective against the Corona / COVID Family of Virus including SARS, MERS, FelineCoronaVirus


NGT has accepted the distributorship of SwissEcoLine, an innovative, award-winning water tap system, that saves 90% of the used water. The idea behind SwissEcoLine has been summarized by its inventors as follows:

“While on trips to parts of America and the Middle East, we encountered water supplies issues, caused by droughts in those areas. We saw needs to provide significantly improved water saving products, to support the countries in in dealing with water shortages products to preserve their precious natural resources. After intense research, we developed the Swiss Eco Tap, which will cut the world’s water consumption with a fitting that consumes much less water and has a high cleansing effect.”

Swiss Eco Tap can be used for new installations, as well as for refurbishment of existing installation